Essential Horse Trailer Parts to Maximize Your Riding Enjoyment

Essential Horse Trailer Parts to Maximize Your Riding Enjoyment

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Horse trailers are vital for transporting our equine companions safely and comfortably. While the core trailer itself provides the essential framework, numerous horse trailer parts and accessories can significantly enhance the experience for both horses and their owners.

This article explores various horse trailer accessories or parts and accessories designed to make your journeys smoother, safer, and more convenient.

Peace of Mind on the Road:

  • Tire Safety: A flat tire on the road can be a stressful situation. The Slime 2X Pro Power Tire Inflator offers a quick and efficient solution. This portable inflator connects directly to your vehicle’s battery and includes a pressure gauge, allowing you to easily inflate tires and ensure proper pressure for optimal trailer stability.
  • Hitching Versatility: The Weigh Safe 180 Drop Hitch provides versatility when towing different trailers. Featuring a dual ball combo, it offers various drop lengths, eliminating the need for multiple hitches.
  • Remote Monitoring: Trailer Eyes WiFi Trailer Cam provides invaluable peace of mind. This camera transmits images to your smartphone, even without a signal, allowing you to keep an eye on your horses while driving. Additionally, it utilizes trailer lights for power and boasts night vision capabilities.

Keeping Your Horses Hydrated:

  • Water on the Go: Horse trailer parts play a role in ensuring proper hydration, especially during transport. Long journeys, hot weather, and the stress of travel can all contribute to dehydration in horses. Having access to a fresh water source within the trailer, such as the Half Moon Lay Down Water Caddy, allows horses to replenish fluids throughout the journey. Additionally, monitoring a horse’s hydration status during travel becomes crucial. Signs of dehydration include lethargy, sunken eyes, dry skin, and a lack of urination. By providing horses with readily available water and being aware of potential dehydration symptoms, horse owners can prioritize their equine companions’ well-being during travel and beyond. Click here to read about Horse Trailer Parts Checklist – Packing & Safety on the Road.

Safety and Comfort for Your Horse:

  • Preventing Breakaways: The Blocker Tie Ring prioritizes horse safety. It allows a tied horse to gently pull slack in the lead rope, reducing the risk of injury caused by sudden tension.
  • Scratch-Free Transport: The Dura-Tech Scratchless Trailer Bucket Bag protects your trailer’s finish while offering a practical solution for carrying buckets. This bag securely holds a standard bucket and attaches to the trailer’s tie mounts, preventing scratches and keeping the bucket within easy reach.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Professional’s Choice Shipping Boots provide superior protection for your horse’s legs during transport. Made with durable materials and featuring a leather strike strip, these boots safeguard the coronary bands, heels, pasterns, fetlocks, knees, and hocks.


Investing in the right horse trailer parts and accessories goes far beyond mere convenience – it significantly elevates the overall experience for both you and your equine companions. From ensuring their safety and comfort during travel with padded stall walls and secure tie-downs, to offering practical solutions like automatic waterers and readily accessible hay nets, these essential horse trailer parts and accessories contribute to a smoother, less stressful journey for everyone involved.